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(-_-) The Blacksmiths Adventure (-_-)

(-_-) The Blacksmiths Adventure  (-_-)

Alonso Duran
3rd Period

Nordan Smith  a 21 year old blacksmith made Weapons, Armor, and other weapon needs like Crossbows he only made weapons for free if and only if it was for Knights or for battles against rivals and other random enemies that would challenge the kingdom.

Nordan would occasionally get tired from doing this 19 hours a day and only have 5  hours of alone time each day. One day at 6:22  Nordan went on an adventure to seek a helper for his weapon shop so that he wouldn't get tired he looked for a young boy around 15-18 that was Strong, Healthy, And Wouldn’t complain at any given moment. so he searched the whole kingdom and the farms around the kingdom to find someone but obviously it wasn't gonna be easy it would take at least 4 hours to get around the whole kingdom. He eventually gave up and thought  about ideas that would make the process quicker so he started brainstorming and thinking about things he had that would help. “2 Minutes Later”  he thought about making a poster and putting copies of the poster which would take him a few hours to draw other posters. He ended up putting them near his workshop, on the outside of the kingdom, and on the  front doors of other houses near his house which was about 7 other buildings. Nordan didn’t think he would find anyone that would be willing to help him or fit the requirements that he asked for.

As soon as Nordan was going to give up he had another idea that would probably help him find someone. Suddenly he got up from where he was sitting {the front of his house on a chair} and started running to the main source… The Town Hall where  he would be able to find someone from the registered people of the kingdom that would fit his requirements unfortunately he would have to pay about 67$ to be able to do it but of course in his mind all he was thinking about was “gonna get someone tonight” on replay in his head.  As he was entering the door to the town hall the front desk called him up and said what he needed done maybe maybe to set a bounty, or maybe have someone sent to the chamber which was just cruel to think. Nordan replied “ No ma'am i'm looking for someone to help out in my store, would it be possible to check the registered people of the kingdom? “ The Lady named beth replied “ Yes for a small loan of  67$ the again Nordan thought “ gonna get someone tonight “ and handed her the money.

Nordan quickly went to the a section and the first person he saw was a young 18 year old boy named Alex Hamilton with the nickname “Adapt”. Under his name it said he was 6’2, had black hair, has 3 younger siblings, and has a little bit of a stutter problem when he talks  to large groups of people. When he looked up his address he realized he lived 2 houses down from his house which was a house he never knocked on to tell if they had anyone that would help he quickly throw the book across the room to the lady behind the counter which hit her in the face and as soon as that happened Nordan dipped and ran home. As the sun was setting and it would mean he failed and would have work tomorrow, but then he remembered he needed to contact Alex the boy who he found in the book so he continued to run home so that he could get him and train him in the morning. “5 Minutes Later” “Knocks on door”   as Nordan was about to leave the door opens “Hello?” the women at the door says “ Hello Ma’am do you have a son named Alex?.... Alex Hamilton?”  “Yes, i do have a son named Alex, did he do something bad?” Nordan Says “No I was wondering if your son needed a job…. as a blacksmith” “ALEXXXXXXX! COME DOWN A MAN WANTS TO SEE YOU!!”  Alex then came running down to see what happened “Hello?” “Hey i was wondering if you wanted a job as a blacksmith literally  across the street” “Sure! when do i start?” “Right now you have a night shift “ 1 Hour Later, ok it's currently 11:23 i need to teach you fast. “This is how you start” Nordan Said first grab a piece of metal, Shape to what ever you need a sword a picaxe whatever, hammer it down to make it slim, then cut it to make it look like a sword, then put this subsistence on it and put it over the fire over at the corner, then when you think its ready dip it in the water bucket, and then wait for it to dry and you can put any accessories when your done. got it?

As Nordan Smith Continues to explain what to do Alex Begins, Which means Nordan ended up Achieving his goal which was to have a new Companion and a chance to rest.
                                                          The End   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cant Let Go (Outsiders)


The Outsiders Chapter 10

Johnny Passed away on the hospital bed saying as his last words directed towards PonyBoy
"Stay Gold PonyBoy..... Stay Gold."  PonyBoy and Dally then broke down but of obviously 
Dally was the one having a hard time trying to bring back johnny but it was no use Johnny was just idle.

Dally was then Furious and Sad at the same time which made him go into a deep depression because of Johnny and how much he wanted him back and that he didn't want him to be gone. Dally took time to go to a grocery store to take time off but he couldn't stop thinking over the fact that Johnny really was gone. so yeah no he just started messing around in the grocery store and punching things left and right. But suddenly he just robs the store and makes a run for it calling Pony and the other to help hide him but before he knew it he was being chased by the police.

Dally knew what he was doing he wanted this to happen so the moment he saw the rest of the gang he pulled out a un loaded pistol and tried bluffing the cops but obviously the cops didn't know he was kidding so they just shot Dally about 4-6 times. That's what  he wanted  just for Johnny which is a sadder way to die he took his own life for a friend and because he couldn't take it anymore.

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Replays Over and Over (KBARR)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
The Ugly Truth
By Jeff Kinney


Of course I have to start this off like usual because Greg still cant get noticed by his Ex- Best Friend.
Let's start this off by saying that Greg still cant get over him and that he still has memories about him and Rowley.

Some predictions i have is that Greg will try to talk to him and Rowley will keep ignoring him 
Greg will just move on for a while and just focus on other things like family.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Crazy Moments Lead to Problems (Outsiders)

  • Johnny: “Stay gold.”
As Johnny takes his last breath in the hospital, Ponyboy and the other try to keep him straight and alive and to not let go. Johnny then passed away in the hospital bed which gave everyone a bad feeling and anger Dally started punching the wall in anger as soon as Johnny died "Damnit Johnny... don't die"

Suddenly Dally bolts through the door and leaves the hospital to then later take the car and leave Ponyboy in the hospital so that he can walk home instead of getting a ride in the car with Dally.

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Times Of Excitement (FUN)

               Times Of Excitement 

By AlonsoDuran
FUN Assignment 

On a normal morning in the city of San Luis Obispo I wake up. Obouisly I do the usual when I wake up Brush my Teeth,Breakfast, Then Relax or go somewhere. As the day passes I realize that its one of the last days i get to hang out with my friend Daniel while he still lived here.

Of Course I give him a ring and tell him to meetup at my house so we can hang out on his last day. Some excitement Ihad during this time was the fact that I got to
Play VideoGames,and Eat Snacks With Him. After awhile of course we got boerd 
So we called up my two other friends Jhonatan, And Mulenga. As Daniel and I walk down the street to Jhonatans house we Run for the light and hurry to get to his house by at least 5 minutes we were arriving at his house. As we enter the room we greet each other and head to Jhonatan's room and mess around for 
About 15 minutes until we decide to go play soccor and Compete against eachother. 

As we Walk to the Soccor Field and except for Mulenga and Jhonatan of course they're always on there PennyBoards and always leaving us behind which makes it funny. We start by shooting shots at the goalie (Mulenga)
And try score Jhonatan got the most since he's a Soccor Freek and i scored the least like usual. Which made me sad in some way was that the sun was going down and realized I only had A few hourse with Daniel which made us decide to say our goodbyes to Jhonatan, and Mulenga. For the last time until a next time me and Daniel walk to my house remebering the fun we had which came to an end. As a Hour passes his Mother comes to pick him up so that he can go home. Of course we Hug and Say Goodbye.

                       The End

Monday, October 5, 2015

KBARR - The Beginning

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney

Alonso Duran

As Greg tries to get noticed by Rowley. Rowley wont even walk on the same side walk as him.
Some Predictions I have is that Greg will get his attention and that he's going to end up talking 
to him eventually.

As another few weeks pass Greg ends up forgetting about Rowley for a while and ends up traveling with his family and hanging out with his friends,parents, and grandparents 

Another prediction is that Greg will just think about his family now Rowley, and of course he stay with family

Later (Page 25-27)

Greg ends up signing up for after school activities,and the school play but of course his mom forgets about him on his audition and that's where I left off :)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Introduction To My Blog! 10-1-15

              "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" 
                      by Jeff Kiney 


Page's 1-19
7:23 - 7:46 

         Greg is going through a big fight with his old friend Rowley One of my predictions is that greg will try to talk to him. But obouisly Greg wont give up and wont stop until he gets what he wants. My Thoughts in this book so far rating wise is a 7/10 because its not really intreging me to read more maybe later on it will. Also a prediction of mine is that greg will end up talking to Rowley after  2 weeks if not talking to him.